Kyocera Product Configurator

Home Page

  1. How do I select a specific model?

    Click on a category title (e.g., Color Multifunctional Printers) to expand the section and choose a model/series.

  2. I am looking for a specific model, but cannot find it on the site.

    The site does not include all models in the Kyocera product line. If you need information about a specific product and cannot find it on this site, please search

Configuration Page

  1. How do I begin to configure a system?

    You must first select a main unit. Select the icon to the left of the model number and then continue to the next step.

    Note: The system will automatically preselect a main unit if it is the only system listed on the page. Only one main unit can be configured at a time.

  2. How do I view the additional key product features of a system?

    Click Show More Features in the right corner under the Key Product Features section to view an expanded list.

  3. Can I view the W × D × H dimensions of my configured system?

    The Current Configuration section located on the right hand side of the page will show your configured system’s dimensions in inches and millimeters. The system will automatically add or deduct the dimensions accordingly as you add and remove external options.

    Note: Dimensions are approximate only and the actual dimensions may vary.

  4. How can I see a list of the items I have added to my configuration?

    To view the in-progress summary list of your current configuration, click View Selected Items located at the bottom of the Current Configuration section. You can also choose to view items by category by clicking the number in the parenthesis next to the category title (e.g., Main Unit (1) or Paper Handling Accessories (2)).

  5. How do I quickly jump to a specific step without scrolling up or down?

    You can click on a category title in the Current Configuration section (e.g., Main Unit or Consumables & Additional Supplies) and the system will automatically bring you to that point.

  6. What is the / icon in the Tips column?

    The icon will notify you if your selection requires or disqualifies other options. If the icon is orange there is an available tip; if it says N/A there is no tip available.


  7. Can I see an enlarged view of a thumbnail image?

    This feature is only available for the three or four images directly above Step 1. To view, click on the thumbnail image.

  8. Why do options gray out when I select an item?

    If your selection should disqualify other options, they will be grayed out and cannot be selected.

  9. Why are options automatically preselected when I select an item?

    If you choose an option that requires additional items, the tool will automatically select those options.

  10. How do I complete my configuration?

    To complete your configuration, click on the Complete your configuration button on the bottom of the page.

    Note: The system will notify you if additional items are required before the configuration process can be completed.

  11. How do I view an image of my configuration?

    You must complete your configuration in order to see a realistic photo illustration of your configuration.

  12. I selected the wrong system to configure. How can I choose another system to configure?

    To select another model, you can either use the Home hyperlink at the top left corner of the page or choose a model directly from the Select a system dropdown menu at the upper right corner of the page.

  13. Can I start the configuration over using the same model?

    To restart your configuration so that no items are selected, click on the Reset hyperlink located below the Complete your configuration button on the bottom of the page.

Configuration Results Page

  1. I have completed my configuration, what else can I do?

    After you have completed your configuration, you may choose to do the following:

    • Save your configuration as a PDF
    • Email your configuration
    • Download your configuration as a TXT file
    • Download an image of your configuration
    • Edit your current configuration
    • Reset your current configuration

  2. Can I add my contact information to the final PDF?

    You can choose to add your name, email address and phone number to the PDF file with your configuration. Click on the Save as PDF hyperlink and fill in your information.

  3. How can I view the saved PDF when I select the Save as PDF on my smart device?

    To view the saved PDF on your smart device it is necessary to download and install a PDF viewer.

    Note: The saved PDF might open in your browser’s window. To return to the site use the back button in your browser’s window.

Mobile Version

  1. Can I view the description copy for an item on my mobile device?

    Click on the name of the item to view its description copy.

  2. Can I see an item's thumbnail image on my mobile device?

    Click on the camera icon to the left of the item number to view an image.

    Note: Some items do not have an image available.

  3. Can I view a detailed list of my current configuration on my mobile device?

    Click on the detailed list icon on the top of the page to view a detailed list of your current configuration.

Feedback / Contact Us

  1. How can I send inquiry or feedback about this website?

    If you have a comment or suggestion, we welcome your feedback. Please click here to send us a message.

    Note: This form is for comments related only to the content found on this site.